3 Simple Cardio Workouts for Women

Cardiovascular exercise is a very popular way of burning off excess fat in your body. Some believe that the reason why cardio workouts are so popular is because they are a lot simpler than other forms of exercise, such as the ones associated with strength training. It is worth mentioning that one should not entirely depend on cardio workouts to slim down and achieve a bikini beach body. You need to engage in different types of exercise in order to make sure that each and every single part of your body gets toned.

Cardiovascular exercise is highly beneficial to the body under most circumstances. When you are performing a cardio workout, you get your arms and legs involved. In this way, you get to burn fat and develop your muscles at the same time. There is also strong evidence to suggest that people who perform cardio workouts on a regular basis are much likelier to have a healthy heart than those who refuse to workout at all. Therefore, it can be said without a doubt that cardio workouts minimize the risk of health complications.

You may have come across a lot of naysayers who believe that cardio workouts aren’t effective and that they take up too much of your time. If you go through valuable resources on bodybuilding and fitness, you will realize that none of this is actually true. 45 minutes of cardio during a single workout session is enough to have a major positive impact on your body’s fat burning process. Cardio for weight loss should be performed by women at least three to four times a week for best results. It is also important for you to challenge yourself and not stay stuck at the same speed. Cardio workouts are a lot more exciting when you learn how to put your limits to the test in a safe and effective manner. Here are some simple cardio workouts that women should try out:

1) Jogging

Cardio does not get any simpler than this does it? Everyone prefers to jog in the park when aiming to lose weight simply because it is the easiest thing to do. And they are quite right about it. Cardio junkies may not pay much attention to jogging because it is not intense enough activity to stimulate their minds. However, as a beginner, you cannot underestimate the importance of a wonderful jog through the woods or in the park especially in the morning. In addition to helping you lose weight, jogging contributes to toning your body and giving you a lean, fit and defined look.

When it comes to jogging, you have the option of choosing between an indoor and an outdoor atmosphere. Although many people choose to jog on a treadmill in the gym, it is a much better option to jog outdoors. Jogging outdoors is a refreshing experience that will keep you stimulated for a long time. When you are out on a jog, make sure that you look out for your ankles and knees since you will be using them a lot.

2) Swimming

Swimming is the perfect activity for people who aren’t really too big on jogging outdoors. In swimming, you get to use both your arms and your feet. Hence, you will be able to lose fat in those areas with minimal effort. Moreover, swimming strengthens the lungs and the heart. With a healthy heart and a healthy pair of lungs, you are likely to feel a lot more comfortable when losing weight.

One of the best things about swimming is that there is always room for improvement. You can add speed to your kicks and strokes to complete laps in much shorter time. If you keep testing your body’s limits in this manner, you are never going to get bored of swimming. Swimming in a group is also something that you could consider. Once you have lost your desired number of pounds, do not give up on swimming. It is the kind of activity that you should stay in touch with throughout your life.

3) Bicycling

This form of cardio requires the use of an external piece of equipment, but that surely does not take the fun out of it. People who love to explore different locations find bicycling to be a very enjoyable cardio workout. You don’t necessarily have to be an outdoor person to enjoy bicycling. It is the kind of activity that helps you achieve a lot more than simply weight loss. Did you know that people who bicycle on a regular basis have an improved sense of balance?

Bicycling gets your legs working and strengthens the muscles in the lower part of your body. As you become a better cycler, you can increase your speeds and ride on tougher terrains to burn calories faster. Not to mention, bicycling tones your body and strengthens you heart.

These are just three simple examples of how women can engage in cardiovascular exercise. There are far more advanced cardio workouts out there that you should learn about in your spare time.