3 Tools to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Nobody in the world wants to hear that they have a fat belly. Unfortunately, most people who are overweight have had to listen to this comment at least a few times in their life. You can’t stop people from talking about your weight. However, you can do something about changing your weight so that people no longer have anything to say about your belly.

Losing belly fat is about enhancing your self esteem, self confidence and self image. When you no longer have to look at a lumpy, flabby belly on the mirror every time you take your top off in the washroom, you are going to feel a lot better about yourself and your body. Studies suggest that people who are pleased with their bodies are more likely to be happy with their lives. You certainly don’t want to be among those who constantly feel bitter about how they appear in the mirror or in the eyes of the people around them.

Losing belly fat within a short period of time may seem like a daunting task during the early days. However, if you are aware of exactly what needs to be done to get rid of the extra pounds near the abdomen then you probably won’t find this to be an impossible challenge. For your convenience, here’s a list of the three tools that can effectively help people in losing belly fat:

1) Managing and Alleviating Stress

A lot of people are aware of the fact that having a stressful life can cause weight gain. But most people can’t explain this connection nor do they seem to understand it. To find out why this connection exists, you need to learn about cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced naturally in the body. It has a very specific job of reacting to stress signals by increasing the fat storage in the abdominal region. You are probably wondering why this system exists. It all comes down to evolutionary traits. In the past, stress was often an indicator of incoming famine. In those times, people were nomads who moved from one place to the other in search of food. The only thing that could possibly cause them to get stressed out was the lack of supply of food. This is why the body stored extra fat in the abdominal region so that the person could survive the famine and go days without eating food.

In the modern urban world, very few people are in danger of dying of starvation. However, there are other reasons why we become overwhelmed with stress. In fact, human beings are more stressed out today than they ever have been. Our body doesn’t really have a sophisticated system of interpreting stress. It can’t really differentiate between the stress caused by a shortage of food and the stress that stems from having to deal with a boss who
wants us to work long hours.

Therefore, as the financial problems, demanding jobs, busy schedules and social obligations take a toll on our mind, the human body is left with no choice but to respond to these stress signals in the way that it has been responding since the dawn of time. In other words, the more stressed out you are, the more cortisol is released into the bloodstreams and the more fat gets stored in your abdominal region.

2) Stocking Up On Vitamin C

Experts have labelled vitamin C as the wonder vitamin. The presence of vitamin C can prevent and relieve colds and other infections. However, vitamin C contributes to the body in more ways than simply boosting the immunity and fighting infections.

Research proves that vitamin C plays a pretty important role in reducing belly fat. There are two ways in which the vitamin does this. Firstly, vitamin C produces a chemical called L-carnitine that is needed to transport stored abdominal fat to a place where it can be burned off to release energy. Secondly, the presence of vitamin C makes your body less vulnerable to stress. This helps break the cortisol cycle or the cycle of stress.

If you want to reduce your belly fat starting from today, then you need to eat more foods that contain vitamin C.

3) Interval Training

Interval training is not something that is reserved for athletes. Women struggling with belly fat can make great use of it as well. The purpose of interval training is to maximize the effects of workouts in minimal time.

In interval training, you go through alternate periods of moderate work with short phases of intense workouts. The best thing about interval training is that it can be applied to almost every kind of exercise there is in the world.

According to a number of studies, interval training is far more effective in helping women lose belly fat than static workout.

These are only three tools that you can make use of to curb down your belly fat. There are plenty of other resources that you can utilize to make your weight loss fast, sustainable and seamless.