4 Booty Workouts that Will Sculpt and Trim Your Buttocks

When you buy a new pair of jeans, the first thing that you probably do is stand in front of the mirror, twist your hips and take a good look at how your buttocks appear? The reason why you do that is because as a woman, you feel compelled to make sure that your booty does not look like a soggy bag of flabby mass. Everyone wants to have a nice butt. But getting those curves on your body isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. You need to work hard for it and you have to be willing to change your lifestyle to a certain extent to attain that picture perfect booty.

Getting the booty is probably the easy part. Maintaining it is what drives people absolutely nuts. If you have not been performing the right exercises, then you are going to have a really tough time holding on to the beautiful shape of your curvaceous booty. In other words, there are certain effective sculpting exercises that you need to perform in order to retain the desired shape of your glutes.

The following are four simple butt and sculpting exercises that will allow you to keep your booty tight, firm and round:

1) Walking Lunges

Lunges are very important when it comes to shaping your buttocks. There are various types of lunges that you can perform to get your butt defined. Let’s start off with something relatively simple in the form of walking lunges. Stand straight up, reach your foot forward as far as it can extend and place your foot down on the ground heal first. In the next move, flex your hip and knee together, and lower your body till the rear knee is nearly in contact with the floor. Use the support from your rear leg to stand on your front leg. Make sure that you lunge forward with the opposite leg. This exercise needs to be performed in an area where you can walk around for about 20 feet without being interrupted.

2) The Dead Lift

This is another very common exercise that is performed by people who are looking to lose weight and strengthen their buttock muscles. You start off by selecting a barbell and a pair of weights that are perfect for your fitness level. Stand with your feet wide apart (shoulder width) and slowly bend forward with your hips. Make sure that you keep your legs straight. If you are not able to do that, then you can slightly bend your legs without getting into a squatting position. Your back has to remain flat during this exercise. A curved back is going to increase the risk of a serious injury. Once you reach the end of the movement towards the floor, squeeze your glutes and contract those hamstrings as you slowly pull back into the initial position through reverse motion. Do not forget to keep the bar close to your legs throughout the entire movement. This entire movement should be repeated at least 20 times during a single workout session.

3) Squat

The squat is perhaps the most important exercise for developing your buttocks and getting that big booty. Even though beginners have a bit of difficulty with this move (mainly due to a lack of flexibility), it is not as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be. You start with your feet wide apart (approximately a foot wider than your shoulder width). In the next step, point your toes outward at a 45 degree angle. Grab a dumbbell, and squat down slowly by pushing your knees outward till your thighs are parallel to the surface of the ground that you are standing on. Remain in this position for a couple of seconds before starting your elevation back to your original position. While you raise your back body up, be sure to clench your glutes for at least 3 seconds. After you have completed one perfect move, repeat the move at least 19 more times during a single workout session. You can take a breather after 10 repetitions.

4) Reverse Step Back Lunges

The name of this move may make it sound complex, but if you pay close attention to the instructions, you’ll realize that it is quite simple. You need to start by holding on to something for support. A handle bar at chest level is a great option. Once you have your support ready, you can place both feet directly under the bar. Place all your weight on your left heel and step back with your right leg. You need to step back far enough to lower your body and end up in a lunge position with your left thigh. Your shin must be at 90 degrees. Now slowly raise your body back up with the help of the bar. Repeat this move at least 20 times before switching to the other leg.

Once you have grown comfortable with these four exercises, you can explore other booty workouts that you can learn about by going through different bodybuilding and fitness resources.