5 Types of Exercise that Pregnant Women Should Perform

The importance of exercising during pregnancy cannot be stressed enough. There are multiple benefits that are derived from engaging in physical activity during this period of time. Pregnant women who exercise on a regular basis are much better equipped to deal with the challenges of pregnancy than those who are inclined to sit idle in their homes. You need to be on the move when you are pregnant to keep your body in a great condition. Exercising also allows you to make sure that your baby is born healthy.

As far as the types of exercise that you should engage in is concerned, it must be remembered that heavy exercising is strongly discouraged. Pregnancy is a very delicate stage for your health. Intensive training or heavy movements must be avoided in order to make sure that your health and that of your baby’s is not compromised in any way. Simply speaking, heavy exercises are too risky for you to perform. You need to focus on exercising in a way that burns off calories efficiently without putting too much stress on your body. You can’t afford to be exhausted or worn out when you are pregnant. You need to hold on to the energy inside your body.

The following is a list of five basic exercises that can be safely performed during pregnancy. There are many other exercises that you can learn about from external resources. The aim of exercising during this period of time is to prevent yourself from becoming obese and ruining your physique.

1) Walking

Let’s begin with something that’s really simple and basic. Some women find it difficult to get their bodies moving when they are in a pregnant state (especially those who have crossed the five or six month mark). It is not mandatory for you to stretch your body or exercise like the others do when you are pregnant. If you think that regular exercise is too discomforting for you, then you can simply take time off of your schedule to walk outdoors. By taking a simple walk in the park or around the neighbourhood, you get to breathe in fresh air, experience the wonderful sights and sounds around you and indulge in a refreshing workout session that doesn’t suck much energy out of your body. It is always better when you walk along with someone. If you don’t have someone to accompany you, then you plug in your earphones and listen to the radio or your regular playlist as you explore the neighbourhood. If there’s nothing to keep you company while you are walking, you are likely to get bored very quickly.

2) Yoga Classes

If you have never tried out yoga, then pregnancy is a great time to begin. Yoga is one of the best ways to relax and exercise at the same time. It is extremely popular all over the world as more and more people are starting to discover the benefits of this exercise and relaxation routine that was developed in the Indian subcontinent. There are many places where you are offered specific yoga classes for pregnant women. In addition to relaxing and getting your body back in shape, yoga classes present a fantastic opportunity to meet other pregnant moms, make new friends and learn from their experiences.

3) Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes were quite popular during the start of the millennium. Even though the popularity of this fitness equipment has faded away in recent times, it is still quite a handy tool for a pregnant woman looking for a light workout session at home. It gives you a really decent workout without making you change your position. If you are not too fond of an exercise bike, then you could opt for a regular bike. However, it is not advisable to bike alone when you are pregnant. A simple error on the road could prove to be very costly for you and your child.

4) Dancing

There are so many different types of dancing that you can engage. Break dancing or high intensity dancing should definitely be avoided. Light movements that help you groove to your favourite tunes should be good enough to give you some much needed daily exercise. Make sure that you are dancing on a floor where there is minimal risk of you tripping or slipping.

5) Swimming

According to a lot of health experts, swimming is the perfect exercise for the pregnant woman. The reason why their claim is justified is because swimming allows you to really work your muscles without exposing your body to any real risk of injury. Since you are only floating in a pool of water, there isn’t much that can go wrong as long as you know how to swim. Furthermore, swimming allows you to feel weightless, which is something that most pregnant women would thoroughly enjoy.