6 Kinds of Food that Can Help You Lose Weight

It is a general misconception that you need to give up on food to lose weight. This misconception is the reason why so many women in the United States of America are suffering from anorexia and bulimia. Everyone wants to have the perfect body. Everyone wants to be the eye candy at the beach in summer. However, there is need for you to starve or go hungry for days to achieve. A drop dead gorgeous beach body can be achieved in a very healthy manner. In fact, eating certain types of food can actually help you lose weight and become a more attractive woman.

1) Water

Let us start off with the most basic item that your body needs; water. According to a lot of health experts, there is no better diet food or beverage in the world than water. The reason for that is because water is an automatic temperature controller for the process of metabolism in your body. For those of you who are not familiar with the term metabolism, it is the process by which food is broken down to release energy in the individual cells for your body. If there is a deficiency of water in the body, the temperature in your body will actually drop. This will lead to an increased accumulation of fat in your body. Therefore, if you want a slender figure that will be admired by all, you need to drink plenty of water. It is your ultimate weight loss companion.

2) Bean Sprouts

Not a lot of people are fans of bean sprouts, even though they can be incredibly delicious when cooked right. But it is not the taste or the texture of bean sprouts that you should be concerned with. It is the weight loss benefits of this protein and vitamin enriched food that should prompt you to include it in your daily diet. Bean sprouts contain a very high percentage of water. However, it has a remarkably low calorie count. The accumulation of fat becomes more difficult when there are bean sprouts in your system. Hence, eating bean sprouts has helped people to lose weight to a significant extent. Also, the presence of protein and vitamins makes beans sprouts the perfect vegetable for people who are really looking to shed a few extra pounds.

3) High Fibre Cereals

This is something that you are probably aware of. High fibre cereals have been heavily marketed over the years as the perfect food for people who are looking to slim down. Common examples of high fibre cereal include bran, soybeans, rice, oats and others. Since dietary fibre is calorie free but large in size, it fills you up and makes you feel that you have consumed plenty of food. Furthermore, it is worth noting that dietary fibre actually absorbs the fats in the digestive system and makes it easier for them to be expelled out of the body. This has a major impact on the fat accumulation that takes place in your abdominal region. Women who are fed up with their big bellies and are in need of a quick weight loss should definitely stock up on cereals containing dietary fibre.

4) Cheese

This name has surely shocked you. But wait! Let us explain why cheese is the surprise entry in this list before you get too excited. The cheese that we normally eat is the one that comes with processed food. This is unhealthy cheese and should be avoided. When you are buying cheese, you should only buy great products manufactured by premium brands that give you a quality assurance. Cheese is enriched with protein, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, calcium and a combination of vitamins. These nutrients are very easily absorbed and digested by the body. Moreover, consuming cheese supplies your body with the necessary energy and nutrients without the food turning into a digestive burden. Consuming gourmet cheese and gourmet health drinks can be a wonderful way to lose weight.

5) Potato

Potatoes contain minimal fat. In fact, the fat count is only 0.1%. If you include potatoes in your daily diet, then you can limit the amount of fatty foods that you consume. This will help you gradually metabolize the excessive fat in certain “problem areas” of your body such as the inner thighs and the abdomen. Moreover, potato contains a wide variety of nutrients such as lysine and tryptophan that your body needs.

6) Sweet Potato

A lot of people think that sweet potatoes are simply sweetened versions of potatoes. This is not true. Sweet potatoes are quite different from potatoes. They are one of the best foods that a person who is looking to lose weight can rely on. Sweet potatoes are low in calorie, yet rich in protein. They also contain a significant amount of dietary fibre. Much like the potato, sweet potato is very versatile.