Bike Hire Agreement

The customer agrees to make the bike in a clean, undamaged condition to avoid additional costs for repair, maintenance or replacement. The customer accepts the use of the equipment, AS IS, in good condition and assumes full responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment while being under his property. Damaged parts or components are repaired/replaced at the discretion of the store and the customer agrees to regularly pay the purchase and sale prices of the replaced components. Clean condition means that normal wear is accepted, but does not contain broken spokes, rims, rims, damaged frames, handlebars, seats or other parts of abuse and/or falls. Note: All bikes must be returned cleanly through mud and debris. Each bike that is not returned cleanly is charged with an extra 1 hour. Hourly and daily rents are 15 minutes before closing. Late returns pay off. The customer agrees to provide the credit card data HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS, only as a precaution: I authorize HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS to charge the registered credit card for any possible charges in case of damage to the bicycle during my rental period, fully subject to the work obligation, unless I can prove the mistakes of others with evidence and all the information necessary for reimbursement. In case of theft, I am responsible for the reimbursement of HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS for the original price of the bike, plus the cost of all accessories made available at the time of bike rental. I recognize and agree with the following lease conditions: ______Bikes are taken care of on a daily basis.

It is the customer`s responsibility to check the bike in the store before the trip. _______I recognize the importance of wearing a helmet. A helmet must be worn at all times. _______I understand that there are no bike lanes in Perth. Address:_______________________________City___________________PROV_______ ICH ZU DEN TERMS OF THE HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS – BICYCLE RENTAL AGREEMENT ABOVE. I READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY IN ITS ENTIRITY AND UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENT. I AM AWARE THIS IS AN ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND I SIGN IT VOLUNTARY. I ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT I CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS ACTIVITY IF I AM UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS. HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS – RENTAL AGREEMENT AND POLICIES Waiver And Release: Given the heritage bikes and rentals that rent this bike to my child, I expressly release and disconnect Heritage Bikes Rentals and its associated companies, officers, agents and employees from any liability or claim for damages, illnesses, deaths or damage to property that I/my child may suffer by renting this bike. This discharge includes liability or claims for injuries, illnesses, death or damage caused by the negligence of Heritage Bikes – Rentals or its related companies, executives, agents or employees.