Booty Workout Tips: 3 Simple Exercises You Should Perform

We live in a progressive society where the appearance of a woman does not hold as much weight as it once used to in the American culture. Despite that, it would be quite silly to say that the appearance of a woman is of no importance in today’s time. In fact, as we evolved through the ages, we found out new ways of assigning importance to our physical appearance. There was a time when obese people would actually receive compliments for how they looked. Back in those days, being chubby and overweight were symbols of affluence, wealth and luxury. That symbolism no longer exists in the modern society. Health is the symbol of wealth in the current atmosphere. If you have a beautiful and fit body, then people are going to appreciate you for your desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are certain features of the healthy body that you need to focus on when you are trying to be a fitter individual. For example, men like to pay attention to developing their biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles when they are working out in the gym and switching to a healthier diet. Women also focus on developing their abdominal muscles, but they are more concerned about having a wonderful, rounded booty instead of having defined biceps and triceps. Getting those curves behind your back is not as easy as a lot of people make it out to be. There is a ton of hard work that goes into developing a sexy, curvaceous and stunning booty. Rest assured, it is not for the lazy folks (unless they have the money to surgically enhance their buttocks).

When you work out to lose weight and achieve a bikini beach body, you often forget about your buttocks. When that happens, you end up with a flat butt syndrome. Although some women are perfectly happy with a flat butt, most women desire a tight booty that serves as a testament of all the hours of hard work that they have gone through in the gym. If you want a beautiful booty like that, then here are a few exercises that you should start doing from today:

1) Running the Stairs

Running the stairs can be seen as a cardio workout, but it also serves as a full body workout that develops the muscles in different parts of your body. Running the stairs should not be too difficult a task for you if it is something that you have done as a child with your friends or siblings. That being said, the way you ran up and down the stairs in your childhood is quite different from how you should run the stairs when trying to achieve a remarkable physique.

Once you start making the best use of this workout, your backside will look better than ever. If you are looking for a nice flight of stairs to perform this exercise, then you could find one in a local public building, hotel or train station. Just make sure that you land your foot on every other step while you are running up. The reason why you are asked to do this is because it maximizes the booty lift. On your way down, you can jog or walk (it is never a smart idea to run your way down as you can tumble over and get seriously injured). This workout should be performed for no longer than half an hour. If you are feeling stressed out or exhausted, you are advised to take small breaks in between.

2) Jumping Lunges

You have probably heard of these before. Jumping lunges are designed to sculpt your booty and burn those calories right away. The reason why jumping lunges is so strongly recommended (and the reason why its in this list) is because it is a complete cardiovascular workout that also gets you some much needed resistance training. To perform the jumping lunges, you need to start in a lunge position before jumping up, switching your legs and landing back in the lunge position with your opposite foot facing forward. If you have never done these lunges before, then start with 12 to 15 repetitions and gradually increase the count to 20 and beyond. In a single workout session, you can pull off 7 to 8 sets. Some people hold a weighted medicine ball above their head when performing this exercise.

3) Incline Running

Don’t confuse this with jogging or strolling in the park. None of that is going to help shape your booty. If you want well defined buttocks, you need to hit the track hard and learn the art of incline running. When you are out on a run, the best way to hold on to your stamina is to alternate phases of running with phases of walking. Every minute of walking should be complemented with a minute of running. Continue this for about half an hour. Running up a slope is one of the best ways of tightening your booty muscles.