Is There a Way to Prevent Stretch Marks?

If you can prevent a certain undesirable condition, then why think about getting rid of it? As the saying goes, prevention is a lot better than cure. This is certainly true when it comes to those annoying stretch marks that women develop in certain parts of their body. Stretch marks can only be described as a horrendous, discoloured and ugly scarring on the body. A lot of people take stretch marks for granted, but for others it is a major problem in their lives. Did you know that there is an entire beauty industry that is dedicated to the removal or prevention of these unpleasant skin defects?

Is Stretch Mark Prevention a Myth?

Some people don’t have faith in the belief that stretch marks can actually be prevented. In their opinion, the notion of preventing stretch marks is nothing more than a myth. If you take a good look at clinical studies, you will figure out that the science is quite inconclusive in this particular area. That being said, there are numerous documented cases of women realizing the benefits of preventive action and how it can minimize the risk of stretch marks making their presence felt in your life.

What is the Cause Behind Stretch Marks

Before we dig deep into the preventive action that should be employed to steer clear of stretch marks, it is important for you to have a better understanding of what causes stretch marks. The surface of your skin is quite elastic to say the least. However, when the skin is stretched beyond its limit or its capacity, it is going to sustain some serious damage. People who undergo periods of rapid weight gain or weight loss are the ones who are most likely to develop stretch marks in different parts of their body. Drastic weight change can occur during pregnancy, weight training or growth spurts during adolescence or the teenage years. These are otherwise referred to as periods of physiological change. During these periods, the collagen production no longer takes place at an ordinary rate. Collagen is a very important protein and plays a vital role in providing your skin with pliability and elasticity. When a disruption takes place during any one of the periods mentioned above, the skin loses its elasticity to a certain degree. As a result of that, white or red scars appear on the skin. If these scars remain on the skin for an extended period of time, they eventually become stretch marks.

Does a Stretch Mark Prevention Program Really Work?

As mentioned before, the science on this one is quite gloomy. However, there is no reason for you to feel upset or be worried about developing stretch marks in the near future. If anyone was given a choice, they would prefer to prevent stretch marks instead of getting rid of them later on in their lives. It is simply the easier thing to do. It will slightly disappoint you to know that there is no guaranteed method of preventing stretch marks. You are likely to come across a plethora of products on the market that will make the claim that they can help you prevent stretch marks without fail. These products are mostly scams and you should stay as far away from them as possible. As a matter of fact, applying these products could quite possibly increase your chances of developing stretch marks in the not so distant future.

Most of these phony products are synthetically produced. If you want to place your faith in any product, then choose the natural creams or oils that have been proven to be effective in enhancing the elasticity of the skin. These natural products attack the root cause and serve as a wonderful addition to your overall skin conditioning program.

Natural Prevention Methods

Maybe there is no miraculous product out there in the market that can protect you from stretch marks. But that should not stop you from doing the most you can to keep stretch marks at bay. Here are some simple and effective methods of drawing your defence lines against stretch marks:

1) Exercise Program

An exercise program is highly recommended for women who are planning to get pregnant. When you participate in an exercise program, your weight gain is limited to a certain extent. Therefore, the trauma and the overstretching effect on your skin are minimized. Be sure to consult your physician before you start an exercise program.

2) Body Brush

A body brush can be used as a supplement to the natural creams and oils that improve your skin’s pliability and elasticity. Apply the body brush on areas of the body that are most likely to be affected.

3) Slow Weight Loss

Switch to a well balanced diet comprising of healthy, organic foods to kick start a slow weight loss program. If you lose weight at a slower rate, your skin will suffer minimal trauma.
Preventing stretch marks is a complex process that requires a depth of knowledge. Learn more about stretch marks from the experts and equip yourself with all the tools necessary to handle this skin defect.