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Under Downloads, you will find a guide to our database of candidates, if you are having problems, please email us: outgoings@wiwi.rwth-aachen.de or come see us in consultation. Complete this experience report no later than 2 months after the Erasmus stay and send it to international-wiwi@univie.ac.at – it helps other students enormously to prepare a semester abroad. If you have problems with the candidates` application or database, please email us: outgoings@wiwi.rwth-aachen.de If you have questions, please contact the Incoming Student Services (incomings@rwth-aachen.de). Send the application via email (one PDF document) to the same email address. These testimonials reflect personal impressions and do not need to match the opinion of International Support. With this tool, you can filter places according to your course you want to go on Erasmus. Under international corporate management, you will find places for BW, IBW as well as Banking – Finance. Information on the needs of partner universities can be found via Mobility Online. If you have two languages (for example. B: English C1, Finnish B2), you only have to prove one of the two languages. However, it is your responsibility to check whether courses are actually offered in each language. Proof of knowledge of the language of instruction (choice): After being accepted for their stay at RWTH Aachen University, students have to send in their documents as follows: .

Experience reports must be initial information to get a brief overview of the university and contexts. Changes in situations reported on the ground can occur several times. Changes in heading are possible and are frequent due to the length of time. It is extremely important that you notify us as soon as possible in the event of a change of course. All necessary documents must be provided correctly via Mobility Online. Compare courses of study in English language:Unfortunately, we don`t have testimonials from some partner universities. Please help us complete the database and give us your full experience report! Required documents (see Incoming Exchange Students) WARNING: If there are technical problems with Mobility Online, please contact the international central office colleges in the main building! Academic Calendar | Semester Dates (including exam period) Winter Semester 2019/20 Summer Semester 2019E Winter Semester 2017/18Wintersemester 2014/15 Finally, you can file a copy of the Recognition Notice (signed Apprenticeship Agreement) in the Outgoing Erasmus Department of the International Office. This application must be submitted to the Review Committee no later than 2 weeks before the end of the registration period for the review session, otherwise it will no longer be possible to proceed on time.