Quick Weight Loss: Dealing with the Effects of Water Retention

Gaining weight and staying overweight is a major first world problem that a lot of women are experiencing. Despite the abundance of weight loss programs in the country, most American women who are looking to lose weight fast are unaware of what needs to be done in order to shed the extra pounds and achieve a bikini body. Women are naturally inclined to feel beautiful. Every woman wants her body to be appreciated. But not all women in the world are gifted with a chiselled physique. Some are required to work hard for it. Losing weight fast isn’t only about spending hours in the gym. It is also about understanding why you are overweight and addressing the root problem. One of the main reasons why women in America are unhappy with their weight is because of the water retention in their bodies.

A Roadblock to Weight Loss

As the name clearly suggests, water retention is a measure of how much water the body holds back. Your body needs a certain amount of water to function. However, an excess quantity of water in your body could lead to a number of health complications including high blood pressure, PMS, pregnancy problems and weight gain. According to the experts, women who have a water retention problem find it extremely difficult or nearly impossible to lose weight. Once your body starts retaining too much water, following a fitness routine becomes an uphill battle. The good news is that there are certain ways in which women can combat the ill effects of water retention. Once you master these techniques, losing weight in a short period of time will no longer seem like the impossible task that it once appeared to be.

How Water Retention Affects Women

The effects of water retention are most prominent when women are going through their monthly menstrual cycles. Most women believe that the effects of water retention make up the worst part of PMS. They appear a week before the period sets in. This is where hormones are to be blamed. Women and hormones don’t really have an amicable relationship, and water retention is a clear example of how dysfunctional this connection can turn out to be. When there are fluctuations in the estrogen levels, the body starts to produce a hormone called aldosterone. This particular hormone is responsible for abnormal fluid retention in the kidneys. The fluid retention is what leads to a sudden gain in water weight. To make matters worse, most of the water weight is naturally affected by gravity. This is the exact reason why women suffer from swollen knees and legs when experiencing the ill effects of water retention. Women are left to endure pain, discomfort and an overall sense of inconvenience during this period of time. It is a really tough condition to be in, and the fact that it prevents you from losing weight makes the situation even worse. Perhaps this is the reason why some women with water retention problems suffer from anxiety.

How to Deal with Water Retention

The problem of excessive water retention can be solved quite easily as long as you follow the right steps at the right time. The most important thing that needs to be done is lower the consumption of foods and specific ingredients that contribute to increased water retention in the body. For example, women are highly recommended to cut back on salt or sodium containing foods. Believe it or not, the consumption of salt can force your body to retain water at an exponentially high rate. Therefore, the smarter choice is to rely on substitutes such as additional spices or even pepper that will improve your health significantly when you start to notice signs of water retention.

Dealing with water retention involves a lot more than simply giving up on certain foods and ingredients. At times, you will be required to eat more of certain foods that are known to help women lean out quite a bit. A very good example of such a food is banana. Did you know that women in ancient Asian communities have used bananas as a remedy for water retention for centuries? The reason why bananas are so efficient in curbing down the water retention rate is because they contain a significant amount of potassium. The presence of potassium eliminates fluid retention. If you can manage to accommodate two bananas in your daily diet, it will probably not be too long before you stop feeling the effects of water retention.

It is a Process

You cannot fight off water retention overnight. Slowing down the rate is a process that requires a certain amount of time. The key for you is to remain consistent in your endeavours and stay on the lookout for valuable resources that can help you lose weight and keep you healthy for a long period of time.