Roommate Agreement Temperature

Past Sheldon: You asked me what I wanted. I was just about to go in. I`m here because you violated our roommate agreement. In particular, section 8, visits, subsection C, females, paragraph 4, coitus. The roommates give themselves 12 hours in advance on the coitus to come.¬†When Leonard and Stephanie get serious, Sheldon talks about the “Cohabitation Rider,” part of the deal about a romantic partner moving in. It`s actually an area where Sheldon is incredibly reasonable, because he has no problem with Stephanie, who is part of the house – and it`s Leonard who is upset by the time she spends there. Sheldon just wanted to see how their shelving would change! Whatever happens, having a plan for what happens when someone wants to move in with a romantic partner is just a smart way to plan. Many of these rules seem to be right, and only about creating a great living situation, but it becomes increasingly clear during the series that most of them are actually only busy making sure that Sheldon gets his way. And if some of these rules may be in his favour by chance, there is no possibility that they will be fair. In short, if the roommates don`t agree, Sheldon`s voice wins. It means that Sheldon`s opinion always wins, which is not normal.

What if there was a heat wave? What if there was a fresher spell? The requirement of the thermostat to stay at a certain temperature – and not to give the roommate a say at this temperature – is the control… and potentially uncomfortable. This harmless clause actually means that Leonard is responsible for doing everything a car entails for Sheldon. Drive him to work (and back). Take her to dental appointments. Take him to the station, to the comic book store and act mainly as a personal driver. This doesn`t seem to bother Leonard so much, but it`s definitely something that goes beyond what any normal roommate (or friend!) should do. Past Sheldon: That`s right.

They crossed the first barrier for the roommate. You can come in. This agreement always comes up in the show, usually when someone asks Leonard why he allows Sheldon to dictate another element of his life, or when Sheldon informs him about why he has to impose himself – it`s in the agreement! Of course, this is considered a completely exaggerated thing, but there are some parts of this agreement that might want to include more roommates in their rules… “If Sheldon turns into a zombie, Leonard can`t kill him.” It`s right there in the roommates agreement, but this one makes absolutely no sense. Even if you ignore the fact that a zombie apocalypse isn`t really very likely, not to let Leonard kill Sheldon Zombie, he essentially condemns Leonard to become a zombie himself – which is just a terrible wait for every roommate! Sheldon`s obsession with controlling takeovers is well known, but the clauses on trying for a new place to eat are bordering on madness. According to the agreement, “the choice of a new takeout restaurant requires a public hearing and a 60-day delay for comment.” This means that if a new place with an interesting appearance shows up, ordering dinner from them means two months of paperwork… which is just not worth it (not to mention the fact that coupons can expire, or even that the place can be stopped!). Having a regular seat is one thing, but ordering food should be a pleasure, which means space for a little spontaneity. Admittedly, it is one of those clauses that, in The Big Bang Theory, really only works to Sheldon`s advantage – but if it worked both ways, it would make a lot of sense.

According to their agreement, they have once a year a roommate “audit” where they talk (probably) about issues, and if each roommate follows the agreement. When he knew Sheldon, he refused to admit a fault, but he spent a regular time recording with the roommates and talking about problems before they became important subjects, seems to be a smart maneuver.