Status Of Forces Agreement Spain

1. The United States Armed Forces may store and store ammunition and explosives in designated IDA on schedule 2 bases. The United States Armed Forces may, with prior authorization from the Standing Committee, install, operate and maintain equipment to meet a particular need. The U.S. armed forces may operate and maintain these services and parts of the general base services and facilities used exclusively by U.S. forces. For the purposes of this agreement and in accordance with the technical arrangements to be agreed between the competent authorities of the two governments, the United States Government is authorized to improve and adapt the areas and facilities agreed for military purposes and, in this context, to carry out, in cooperation with the Spanish Government, the necessary arrangements; Deploy and house and provide security, discipline and care for military and civilian personnel; The conservation and conservation of stocks, supplies, equipment and equipment; and maintain and operate the facilities and equipment needed to support these sectors and staff. A written agreement will be reached between the two governments before being allocated to the work, in accordance with the interest of the various parties at work, the contribution of the two governments to their costs and the contribution of the two governments approved by the Standing Committee. These projects are jointly established and approved and the technical staff of the U.S. Armed Forces are effectively involved in monitoring and receiving the work.

(Note: the amendment protocols provide that the contracting parties may, if necessary, enter into administrative arrangements and arrangements for the implementation of the amendment protocols, provided that these agreements and arrangements are in accordance with the respective agreement and national legislation of the contracting parties. In the absence of agreement between the Spanish Ministry of Defence and the United States Armed Forces within 30 days of the start of consultations, the matter is referred to the Standing Committee in an attempt to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties. If such an agreement is reached, the redundancies are made, if necessary, in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.