Thigh Workout Routines Women Should Take Note Of

Most women are quite concerned about the way their legs look. According to the conventional standards of beauty, a gorgeous woman is expected to have stunning legs that perfectly complement a chiselled beach body. The problem with this definition of beauty is that a lot of women have legs that they would rather hide behind their jeans than expose in public. Flabby thighs can make your legs look unpleasant to say the least. No woman wants to flaunt off big, fatty thighs in front of people.

It is not just about the appearance. It is about your self confidence as well. When you walk around the streets with flabby thighs, you are bound to feel slightly uncomfortable. For some women, having flabby thighs gives them an inferiority complex that they simply can’t shrug off. It is normal for you to feel inferior when you are overweight. The term overweight is mainly used to describe people with big bellies. But we keep forgetting that it is possible for a person to be overweight without having a noticeably large belly.

Women with fat thighs are in desperate need of an effective weight loss strategy. This is where women struggle to lose the extra pounds. Reducing fat in your belly can be a lot simpler than getting your thighs toned. Most overweight women are simply unaware of what it takes to get their once beautiful legs back to their original shape. Simply speaking, you need to focus on exercises that are specifically designed to make your legs look a lot more attractive. If you have no idea of how to approach leg exercises, then you can start off with the following elementary moves that produce positive results in a very short period of time:

1) Thigh Kicking

Names of exercises aren’t really too complicated. In most cases, exercises are what they sound like. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “thigh kicking”? Well, if you are like anybody else, you are probably thinking of an action that involves thrusting your legs abruptly to shake the thigh muscles. But there are a few other things that you must incorporate into this exercise.

For example, you must have a weight attachment that can be tied around your right ankle while performing this manoeuvre. Make sure that it has been attached to a sturdy chair (you could also use a bar in this case). Once you have got everything set up, you can start lifting the right leg straight up as high as you can. Soon enough, you will feel the contraction in your legs, especially near the thigh muscles and the hamstrings.

With your leg straightened up, hold it in this position for a minimum of 2 seconds before gently bringing it down. Be sure to avoid any hasty movements as it can lead to a serious injury. You can start off with 2 sets of 16 counts for each leg before gradually raising the number to 3 or 4 sets. Don’t overwork your legs during the early days. You don’t want to be in a position where you are unable to get out of your bed in the morning following your workout.

2) Standard Leg Lift

This is a very conventional method of getting your thighs in shape. The purpose of the standard leg lift is to strengthen the thigh muscles and make them stand out when you expose your legs. To pull off this move, you need to lie down on your back. Make sure that your arms are straightened and perfectly aligned on either side of your body. In the next step, bend your right knee and position your foot flat on the ground. The left leg must be held straight.

While you are in this position, gradually lift the straightened leg up and extend it beyond your bent knee. It is important for you to control the motion and get a feel of the flexing sensation in your thigh. Keep your leg in this position for a minimum of 2 seconds before gently lowered it to the ground.

Perform no more than 2 sets of 16 repetitions during the early days. If you are not comfortable with this exercise, then you should try out something easier before coming back to this.

3) The Leg Extension Machine

This is something that can be performed with a leg extension machine. These machines can be found in fitness clubs or gyms. Using this equipment is an excellent way of making sure that your thigh muscles are strengthened, especially the ones in the front region. While you are using this machine, make sure that you don’t let the momentum overrule you. It is imperative that you take full control of the motion.

You are highly recommended to go through other resources on fitness, bodybuilding and weight loss to find out more about how equipments such as the leg extension machine can come to your aid.