Two Basic Inner Thigh Workouts for Women

Getting back in shape and toning your body can be seen as a long, arduous and exhausting journey. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Hence, it requires every bit of dedication, patience and determination that you have in your soul. Bodybuilding and fitness is not commonly associated with femininity. But times are changing and women are beginning to realize the importance of staying fit in an effort to be beautiful. Gone are the days when a woman would sit idly at home and be considered the prettiest lady in town. The modern day beautiful woman works hard and plays hard. If you want to be most stunning woman in the beach during the summer, then you need to focus on conditioning your body.

Working out or exercising is not meant to be complicated. However, it does pay off to be specific and detailed with your workout routines. For example, when you want to get your legs in shape, there are a few different types of exercises that you need to perform in order to make sure that your entire leg looks beautiful. If you stick to only a particular exercise, then you cannot expect more than one part of your leg to stand out. This is why there are different kinds of exercises for different parts of your body.

The inner thigh fat often goes unnoticed. However, it largely contributes to the unpleasant appearance of an out of shape leg. For a lot of women, the inner thighs are clearly a problem area. For some reason, they seem to attract fat more than any other part of the leg. Many women who work out tend to hide their inner thighs. If you are one of them, then you are simply running away from the problem instead of solving it. The problem can be solved through a series of simple, but highly effective inner thigh workouts. Here are a couple of them to get you started:

1) The Hip Abduction Machine

This is a piece of equipment that you will find in pretty much every gym in your locality. What’s special about this machine is that it is specifically designed to work on your inner thigh muscles. When you are using this piece of equipment, you are basically closing your legs against the resistance. As a beginner, there is no reason for you to push your limits with this machine. It is preferable for you to start out with 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. Make sure that you take a full minute of rest in between those sets. If you are finding the task too tiring, then you should prolong those periods of rest between the sets.

It is very important for anyone who is using this piece of equipment to ensure that the weights do not make contact with the stack as the legs are opened. Once the plates touch, your inner thighs will be freed of the resistance. If you are struggling to make the best use of this machine, then simply ask one of the instructors at the gym to help you out or give you a brief tutorial. Using the right machine in the wrong way is not going to be of any benefit to you.

2) Wide Leg Squats

This is one of the best exercises that women who are looking to lose weight could perform. It does not only trim the fat in your inner thighs. It also works your entire lower body. The wide leg squat can be performed with a bar bell across the back or by holding a single dumbbell. When you are doing it with the dumbbell, make sure that you have your hands latched on to one end of the dumbbell and that you have it held between your legs as you squat down. It is important to remember that in a “wide leg” squat, the feet must be positioned far apart. Keeping your feet close together defeats the purpose of the exercise. The toes should also be pointed off to the sides.

As is the case with most inner thigh workouts, you are recommended to perform this exercise in sets of 3 with 12-15 repetitions. If you are struggling to grab on to the weight of the dumbbell, then reduce it to 2 sets with 12 repetitions. Also, do not forget to take a minute or two to catch your breath in between the sets.

These are only two examples of how you can get those inner thighs slimmed and toned. There are plenty of other exercises that you can perform to make your inner thigh muscles stand out. Go through valuable fitness resources to learn about these exercises. Once you have learned them, be sure to give them a try during your daily or weekly workout sessions.