Villas Agreement

The agreement between the Ministry of Villas and the person making the booking (hereafter the customer) is valid only after receiving a reservation from MoV, accompanied by the corresponding payment, and after confirmation of the booking to the MoV customer. By clicking on the “I agree” box on the booking form of the Ministry of Villas, the client accepts these conditions and confirms that he is authorized to do so on behalf of all other persons accompanying him during their stay, thus establishing a contract between MoV and the client; which in turn constitutes a contract between the owner or itcher of the reserved accommodation (hereafter referred to as the supplier) and the customer. These booking conditions must be read in conjunction with individual policies specific to the supplier`s list. SECURITY DEPOSIT Deposit of 400 euros is billed on the day of arrival to cover any breaks or damage during the stay in the villa. The deposit will be refunded to the client at the exit of the villa, provided there are no damages, missing items, no additional cleaning for villas that are abnormally dirty and no other unpaid fees. In the event of disruptions for which costs cannot be determined immediately and accurately, there may be delays of up to four weeks. By the owner – The owner reserves the right to cancel the booking if the balance due was not received 4 weeks before arrival. If it is necessary to terminate the lease due to circumstances outside the owner`s property, the owner will repay all funds paid by the client without interest or other compensation. All villas are fully furnished. It is strictly forbidden to rearrange furniture or remove objects from the villa. 9.6.1 Access and maps We offer clear and easy-to-follow itineraries, indicating the exact location of your booked accommodation. When booking with Ministry of Villas, we include airport transfers for selected villas, or you can make your own way to accommodation if you prefer. If you want us to speak to you by the instructions before you leave, we would be very happy.

This agreement between the owner and the client is subject to the jurisdiction of the Croatian courts. 9.8 General Questions We reserve the right to terminate your vacation if the behaviour of the customer or that of an accompanying customer is likely to cause concern, damage, endanger or contrainde other customers, employees, property or third parties. If the customer or accompanying customer is prevented from travelling because an authority believes that you or a member of your party does not seem appropriate or that you may cause discomfort or disruption to other parties, we will no longer be responsible for completing your booking terms. Ministry of Villas is not responsible for reimbursement, compensation or additional costs incurred by the customer. MoV disclaims any responsibility for the behaviour of others who stay at our property. 9.3 Property damage The client`s responsibility for accommodation goes beyond the deposit set out in paragraph 9.2. Damage to the home must be immediately reported to the supplier and any damage must be paid for by the customer. If you are travelling with children, make sure they don`t use pencils and colors on cushions and sofas – if fabric stains can`t be removed, the supplier can charge the customer for the exchange fee. The client is responsible for leaving the accommodation in perfect condition and in good condition. The customer also agrees to pay for damages or losses incurred during the occupation.