Why 20 Minute Workouts Are Better

The world seems to have a growing fascination with short versions of everything. The reason for that is quite simple. People are getting busier, and thus have less time to spare. Therefore, they want to make the most of the limited amount of time that they have in their hands. This principle can apply to physical training and workouts. The purists would say that decreasing the length of workout sessions and reducing the number of exercises being performed on a daily or weekly basis can have a negative impact on the overall bodybuilding process. This is not actually true. As a matter of fact, shortened workout sessions are perhaps the best way to train your body and become a fitter and healthier individual.

The Biggest Advantage of Shortened Workouts

The most notable advantage of a shorter workout session is that it gives us the ability to make the exercises far more intense. This increase in the intensity of the workout is what makes these short sessions so fruitful and popular. It virtually opens up the flood gates of possibility with regards to how strong and capable our bodies can become over a certain period of time.

The Marathon Runner and Sprinter Comparison

To understand why shorter versions of regular workouts can be immensely effective and helpful, especially for those who are looking to lose weight, you need to take into account the simple act of running works. Everyone is well aware of the fact that it is impossible for a marathon runner to sprint the entire length of the race. The marathon runner has to pace himself or herself throughout the journey in order to survive the hour or two hour long race. Now compare a marathon runner’s action with that of a sprinter. There is obviously a huge difference in the intensity of their actions. Since the sprinter only has to cover about 100 metres, he or she puts everything into each and every single step. This is a high intensity workout that burns calories at a much faster rate, albeit for a shorter period of time.

Which Form of Running Leads to a Greater Change?

There is no denying the fact that both forms of running will undoubtedly condition the body. But you need to take a look at which form of running is going to have most impact in terms of bringing about a change in the muscles. Sprinting causes you to put forth a greater effort through muscle power and force. Therefore, your legs are drawing more power from the various energy sources of your body. Since the exchange of energy is far more intense in the case of sprinting, it is likely that your body will undergo more changes during this form of running as compared to jogging through a marathon.

Losing Your Focus and Slacking Off

It all boils down to the battle between quality and quantity. This is where the principle starts to make sense across the board. Whenever you increase the quantity of a particular action, the quality of the action starts to go down. When it comes to working out, you start losing your pace, you weights get lighter and your focus begins to fade away. This is not how a workout should look like. A workout is supposed to be energetic and highly enjoyable. Lethargic workouts where you are simply dragging your body through the different forms of exercise are hardly going to be of any benefit to your physique. If anything, it can cause you to suffer from a serious long term injury. When you think about it, you realize that you are taking a much longer period of time to perform the simple tasks. With a shorter workout, such as a 20 minute workout, you can put the pedal to the metal and charge forward with your movements.

Preventing Exhaustion

Once you have increased the intensity of the workouts by shortening the length of each session to 20 minutes, you give yourself room to increase the number of sessions you perform per week. In other words, the regularity of your physical training can be enhanced through these 20 minute workout sessions. When you engage in shorter 20 minute workouts, you prevent yourself from getting drained out or exhausted. As a result, you can keep those energy levels high throughout the day and spread your work load like any ordinary human being.

The Psychological Perspective

So far, you have learned about the physical benefits of 20 minute workout sessions. However, you also need to look at the perks from a psychological perspective. Most people wouldn’t mind working out for 20 minutes. But if you ask them to train for 90 minutes or more, then they would probably come up with excuses to delay their workout session. 20 minute workout sessions are truly amazing and there are so many different forms of exercise that you can perform within this period of time. Be sure to learn more about what can be achieved in 20 minutes.